In September of 2002 The Sew 'N Sews, a local sewing group, hosted  
the first Collinsville's Quilt Walk, which was an overwhelming success!  
Thanks to the support of the community, the local merchants and many, 
many volunteers it is now entering its fourth year!                                   

The purpose of the Quilt Walk is to:

  • To display the wonderful quilts that have been made by the people of our town, surrounding towns and our mothers or grandmothers.  To draw attention to an old, beautiful and very American art form. The popularity of quilting has risen dramatically in the last several years. People of all ages are interested in learning to quilt, to create a memory, or an heirloom for themselves and their families. 
  • To share the history of some of the beautiful old homes and churches in our community. 
  • To raise money for a much needed new library. Thanks to your support the Collinsville Library opened in June 2010 in the new downtown location of 151 Main Street. This historic building was built in the 1870ís and our next project is to renovate the second floor. 
    We are proud to be able to say that since 2002 over $40,000.00 have 
    been given to the Collinsville Library Building Fund!  Thank you to all the people who have supported this event by attending or donating their time and money.  You have made an investment in Collinsville's future, and because of you, that future will be brighter! 

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