Signature Quilt

This wonderful old quilt was presented
to the Collinsville Public Library by:

Gwen Hale Phillips in honor of her mother, 
Sadie Pearl Amos Hales.

See her family on the quilt:

C.M.A. - Casper Monroe Amos, father,  1872 - 1947
Mary Amos (Mary Chumley Amos), mother, 1875 -1968
E.C.A.  - Edgar Casper Amos, son, 1907 - 1973
S.P.A.B. - Sadie Pearl Amos Bentley Hales, daughter, 1908 - 1987

We are extremely grateful for the gift of this 
extraordinary piece of local history to the library 
and to the people of Collinsville.






                                                                                             MMM Ephesians 2: 8-9